Nielsen Bainbridge Framing
Place your first BevelAccents length along one mat bevel as a GUIDE. Apply ATG tape to the top side of the next BevelAccents length. Carefully align the break line of the BevelAccents bevel with the mat bevel, then snug the beveled end of the BevelAccents against your GUIDE. Adhere the BevelAccents in place by applying downward pressure on the matboard. Remove the GUIDE piece to be used in next step.
Repeat procedure with 3 remaining BevelAccents lengths in clockwise order, in a "pin wheel" fashion. The beveled end of the BevelAccents strip should always abut the previously adhered BevelAccents strip.
Trim away the excess lengths of BevelAccents from the edge of the matboard and save them for future use.

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Hints & Tips
  • Using BevelAccents behind your mat will reduce the inside dimensions by about 3/16".
    Please allow for this when cutting your mat board opening.
  • Make sure blade is extended just far enough to cut through the foam. Extending the blade
    further than needed could bend and alter the cut.
  • One box contains enough material to complete two 16"x 20" frames!
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